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Academic Assistance

Grade  Subject  Website  Description
 6-8  Math/ELA  Internet4Classrooms  Skill building activities for both Language Arts and Math. To access online links, click on Language Arts Activities or Mathematics Activities for the grade level of your child.
 6-8  Math  Kahn Academy  Teaches specific math skills based on student needs as determined by pre-assessments. There are videos to watch for each skill to assist parents in teaching the lessons.
 6-8  Reading  Read Write Think  Many tools that help students process and publish their work
 6  Reading  Tween Tribune  This website provides articles, updated daily, about things going on in the world. It exposes students to real life nonfiction reading on interesting topics.
 6-8  Misc  Pierce County Library  Online tutors available for any subject, available in English or Spanish. Online homework help requires a library card.